LINKS to online book resources.

BOOKSMART-Search UK dealers stock

BIBLION-large database of out of print books for sale

AMAZON ZSHOPS-Probably the largest database of of everything for sale.

BIBLIOFIND\AMAZON-Locate that sought after book in the USA.

INTERDART-Lists of resources and further links for book collectors.

ODD VOLUMES-Complete that set.

BIBLIOLOGY-On line bookfair.

ABEBOOKS-Internet resources for bookdealers and collectors.

BOOKAVENUE-Yet another as above.

UKBOOKWORLD-Search UK dealers stock.

GLOBALBOOKMART-Multilingual book search facility.

BIBLIOPHILE-Book buying and selling resources.

MAREMAGNUM-Italian based antiquarian book resources.

ADDALL-Booksearch and price comparison resources.

BOOK COLLECTING-Guide to over 700 internet sites.

ALIBRIS-Massive US based facility.

LITTERA SCRIPTA-Comprehensive internet book collecting resource directory.

BOOKS AND BOOK COLLECTING-More book collecting resources.

BOOKSTORE-Search for new books in the U.K.

Search BookFinder.com

  Search the BOOKSMART online stock.

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