Book condition grading system and abbreviations.


MINT (M) -This means that the book is in near perfect condition. It is complete with its dust-wrapper and is impossible to tell from a new copy. Dustjacket (if present) as new

FINE (F)- The book appears to be in excellent condition. Closer examination however will show signs of ownership and storage. There may also be a small inscription from previous ownership, but generally the book is in near perfect condition. Dustjacket (if present) as new but with very slight rubbing on the corners.

NEAR FINE (NF)-Books in this condition will be better that VERY GOOD but slightly poorer than FINE

VERY GOOD (V\G)-Slightly less than fine condition. Apart from slight foxing or fading, the book has no faults. Dustjacket (if present) clean with excellent colouring but with slight rubbing to most edges and corners.

GOOD (G)- It is obvious that the book is second-hand. However apart from minor faults, it may be assumed that books in good condition are complete in all respects, unless described otherwise. Dustjacket (if present) fairly clean with almost perfect colouring but suffering from marks, creasing and other signs of wear. Most of the edges are rubbed or have very small tears in them.

ONLY GOOD-Books in this condition will be better than POOR but slightly poorer that GOOD.

POOR (P)-This means that the book will display serious wear and damage, it may be warped, the preliminary pages may be missing and the spine irreparably damaged. The text however will be complete but the book is really only suitable as a reading copy. Dustjacket (if present) will be tatty and grubby and may well be marked, creased or torn.


EX LIB-This means the book is an ex library copy and will have library stamps on at least the reverse of the title page. If the book has library stamps throughout this will be identified in the description adjacent to the title. All ex library books at Booksmart will have had their FEPS (free end papers) professionally replaced unless they are decorative or otherwise unsoiled.

PP-Number of pages in the book.

FEP-Free end papers-the (ususally) blank pages pasted to the inside cover of the book and forming the first page of the book.

CVR-The hard or soft covers of the book.

MSSG-Missing-the book has something missing.

TTLE-The title page.

EDTN-The edition of the book, first or otherwise.

DAM-Damage-The book has some damage.

FOX-The book has brown staining (known as foxing) associated with the deterioration of the paper material making up the pages.

SPN-The spine, or back, of the book.

LTHR-Leather-Usually leather bound.

SLT-Slight-self explanatory.

BMP-Bumped-Usually associated with the corners of the book cover and meaning that the corners are worn or otherwise damaged.

DET'D-Detached-Usually refering to the book spine and\or covers and meaning that these have become seperated from the book.

LIB BND-Library binding-The book has been rebound in a utility cover by the library to which it once belonged.

PIC\DEC-Pictorial\Decorative. The book cover displays an embossed design of some sort.

BRDS-Boards-another name for cover.

FAD-Faded-self explanatory.

INSCN-Inscription-The book has a written inscription, usually on the FEP but can be on the TTLE or elsewhere.

B\PLATE-Bookplate-A previous owner has pasted into the book his personal library sticker, usually on the FEP.


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